Pierce Cedar Creek Institute Teacher Training Hub

About these programs

We have developed a series of asynchronous trainings for teachers, in addition to in person and virtual synchronous trainings that are held throughout the year. Each module that is available on this website consists of a Google form with embedded questions and videos for you to work through. Each module should take about one hour. Some videos are in a series, and while these videos can be viewed alone, they will be more meaningful as a part of the larger series. Each training includes a resource list at the end. To receive SCECHs, be sure to include your PID number in the Google Form. Funding for these programs were provided by the Institute's ScienceStrong donors as well as the Michigan Space Grant Consortium. The materials for ScienceStrong have largely been developed by a team of staff and volunteers at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, including Education Director Sara Parr Syswerda, PhD; Community Program Manager Ellen Holste, PhD; long time Institute volunteer and retired elementary and middle school educator Debra Kilmartin; and Field Station Manager Matthew Dykstra. Additional review and revision assistance  has been provided by teachers (both in service and retired) from Barry County, Michigan. 

NOTE: To see the videos in the training as full screen, click on the YouTube logo in the right corner of each video, and you will see the video in a format that can be viewed full screen.

General Science Teaching

Earth Science

Life Science

Physical Science

Space Science

Making and Tinkering with STEM Book Study: Participants will complete readings and building challenges to learn about making, tinkering, and engineering.


If you have questions about these virtual programs or other education programs we offer, please contact Sara Syswerda  (syswerdas@cedarcreekinstitute.org) to get more information.