2023 Schubert Summer School @ UIUC

We present the 2023 Schubert Summer School @ UIUC, a 10-day conference and workshop focusing on Schubert calculus and the associated geometry and combinatorics. The summer school will be held at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from June 12th, 2023 to June 22nd, 2023. Talks will begin on the morning of June 13th and run through June 21st, with June 12th and June 22nd as travel days.

The first half will primarily consist of several mini-courses, while the second half will consist of research talks. See the "Schedule" tab for more information.

The deadline for applications for funding travel and dorm lodging) has now passed. Participants may still register on the appropriate tab. 

Organizing Committee: Andrew Hardt, Reuven Hodges, Elizabeth Kelley, Avery St. Dizier, and Alexander Yong.