9/20/22 - Apples are ready!....but in limited quantities.

It was a rough year for the orchard. We do not have large quantities but they are ready.

We have Jonathan, Gala, Honeycrisp, Yellow Delicious, Fuji and Red Delicious.

  • 5lb Bag - $6

  • 1/2 Bushel - $16

  • Honeycrisp - $1.50

Note: Please call ahead if you are hoping for large quantities. We will do our best to accommodate but want to be able to provide for as many of our loyal customers as possible.

10/23/21 - Large Beautiful Jonathan Apples

We still have large Jonathan Apples. $1/lb or $15/ half bushel

08/30/21 - 2021 Season

We will start picking Gala apples around Labor Day. The gala crop is looking good. Other varieties will come towards the end of the month and be in very limited supply.

We will also have some concord grapes again that will be ready in the coming weeks.

We will continue to update as we get closer to the time so please check back.

10/4/2020 - All Sold Out!!

We are officially out of apples! Thank you for everyone that came out to visit this year. We hope by this time next year the situation is significantly different. Stay safe and see you all in 2021.

9/16/2020 - Schneider Orchard Fall Operation

We wanted to take a minute to inform everyone of our fall plans to go along with the farm crawl note that recently came out. With the canceling of farm crawl, this year we are offering some take and bake options. We will also be looking for opportunities to have regional produce stands to make it easier for you to get products. See below for season details.


September 26 - Mid October (While supplies last)


Monday - Friday: Call/Email/Text prior to coming.

Saturday 8-5 pm

Sunday 12-5 pm


Galas (Early Season)

Honey Crisp (Limited Supply)


Golden Delicious


Red Delicious

Take and Bake:

Pies - $14 (Please email or fb message with orders)


-Apple Crumb


-Peach (Limited Supply)

Apple Crisp

Spreads - $5

-Apple Jelly

-Apple Butter

-Apple Pepper Butter

-Peach Butter

-Peach Jam

-Peach Pepper Jam

7/17/2020 - Fall 2020 Plan

Our update is .... that we don't have an update yet. We are keeping an eye on things to see how trends go. We understand the need for a little escape from the confines of our houses but also want to be cautious as we have visitors of all ages. Please check back regularly.

1/20/2020 - Fill the Pond Contest

Who's feeling lucky??

Last fall we made an investment into our farm by building a new pond. The pond was put in to serve three purposes.

  1. Control Erosion

  2. Provide a steady water source for livestock and wildlife.

  3. And of course provide a little recreation for future generations.

The pond currently sits nearly empty. We thought it would be fun to have a contest to see who can guess the date that the pond will be full and do a good deed in the process.

We will put up the first $150 to get the contest kicked off.

The winner that picks the closest date gets to:

  • Take home 50% of the total amount.

  • Select a charity that the other 50% goes to.

Contest rules and entry forms can be found at


Schneider Orchard is located 30 minutes southeast of Indianola or 9 ½ miles north of Chariton, Iowa. We have 300 apple trees that were planted in 1983. That happened to be a very dry year and even with many attempts to irrigate, we lost nearly half. The first year that we started harvesting apples was in 1990 and our first big crop was in 1992. We have 5 different types of apples that make up the orchard.


Season Start: Late September

Season End: Late October or when stock runs out.

  • Hours: 8AM - 7PM

Farm Crawl: First Sunday in October

  • Hours 11AM - 5PM