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Newsletter - April 2019 issue!

  • If your Paraprofessionals license is up for renewal, you will need to do so by June 30th this year.
  • PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO RENEW YOUR LICENSE! If you get busy, forget and let your license expire, the cost to renew jumps from $50 to $500!!!!
  • You cannot start the school year without a current license!

We Want You to Join Us!

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a MEMBER if you aren't already.

  • The main one many members cite is the $1 MILLION employment liability insurance policy. In this litigious society, having that policy provides peace of mind for our members. Many people pay out of pocket for this coverage annually. Our Members are provided this coverage for FREE!
  • Another one is the multitudes of DISCOUNTS available to our members through the IEA and NEA websites when you register with your card.
  • Having a voice on Association matters and a vote on contract issues is also a valuable benefit.

There are many more listed below.

Contact Traci Morrison at Wredling if you need more information or have any questions about SCESP Membership! 331-228-5145

Cathy Nordlund Memorial Scholarship

From the St. Charles Educational Support Professionals (SCESP)

Cathy Nordlund was an original Haines Hurricane and continued there with the Thompson remodel as a Teaching Assistant. Cathy was passionate about helping kids and an advocate for the students she worked with at Haines and Thompson. Cathy was a warrior for our Association. She sat on nearly every committee and fought for better contracts, evaluations and job descriptions. She paved the way for better working conditions for us all. Cathy also sat on the scholarship committee to help students further their education. She continued to help all those around her until the very end of her time as an SCESP and on this earth. Her legacy lives on through each scholarship recipient. The memory of her dedication serves as a reminder to us all of her commitment to our organization and the students of D303.

  • The Scholarship application window is closed for 2019.
  • Thank you to all of the students who applied. Our winners for 2019 were
    • Samuel Shaw from St. Charles North
    • Emily Vitkus from St. Charles East

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