'scan my tesla' is an Android app that will connect to a Tesla Model S, X or Model 3 diagnostics port, and show and log hundreds of readings.

This app gives you numerous live statistics such as:

- Battery power / voltage / current / temperatures

- Drive Unit electric power / torque / horsepower / RPM / temperatures

- Battery lifetime stats, capacity estimates and mileage

- 12V system current, voltage, temperature

- Trip recording and statistics, including charging

- HVAC controls and readings

Needs an ELM327 or STN1110 compatible OBD2 bluetooth adapter, and a special cable: OBD2->Tesla Diagnostic port cable. (There are at least 2 different plugs depending on your model year). See this page for more information

OBDLink MX bluetooth, or other high quality, STN1100 based adapter that supports the ST command set is highly reccommended.

Most CANBUS packets decoded by Jason Hughes (skie.net)

Battery cell info decoded by Jack Rickard (evtv.me)

DC/AC Charge counters publicized by "DB 2"

HVAC controls by Marc Olivier Chouinard (teslalog.com)

Trip recording system idea by Marc Olivier Chouinard (teslalog.com)

Efficiency calculations suggested by WarpedOne

Thermal Controller messages from apach3guy (https://github.com/apach3guy/CAN3/blob/master/thc.py)

Model 3 decoding community led by JWardell on https://teslaownersonline.com/threads/diagnostic-port-and-data-access.7502/

Model 3 DBC file with currently known signals by JWardell https://github.com/joshwardell/model3dbc

Contains elements of Android OS example code adhering to Apache 2.0 license