Purchasing an instrument

If you are looking to purchase a violin, viola, cello, or bass I recommend only the following places and they are listed In order of recommendation. Always be sure to check which size your child would need.



^^^^^^Check out their sale/rental return instruments, just be sure you get a case and bow as well. ^^^^^^^

http://www.wwbw.com << ---- I only recommend these brands and these models, I do not recommend ANY colored or decorated instrument. You may also find these brands on Amazon.

Cecilio (CVN-300 and above and not colored ones) - these are okay

Cremona (SV-100 or above not colored) - this Is better

Stentor 1400 series and above - these are best but not as good as anything from sharmusic or swstrings .

http://musicarts.com - you can rent Instruments from here and then a part of It can go to purchase but If you want to go this route I recommend Mount Airy Violins over this store.

http://www.stringemporium.com (Check it out, lots of info for basses! Plus strings and cases for violin, viola and cello!)

http://www.stringemporium.com/basscafe.htm <----- Bass info ! Check out the videos!

Fine Instruments (more advanced students)

Mount Airy Violins - great for for the committed student. They have great rental plans and you build up a balance for a purchase. This would be your best investment option.

Mount Airy Violins & Bows

6665 Germantown Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19119




507 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 545-1100



Paul Stevens Violins

15 Simpson Rd.

Ardmore, PA 19003

(610) 649-0737


David Michie Violins

1714 Locust Street

Philadelphia PA 19103



Harold Golden

7801 Winston Road

Philadelphia PA 19118

(215) 242-0307


Kot Violins

1048 W. Lancaster Ave.

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

E-mail: kotviolin@gmail.com

(610) 225-1870

(610) 527-5552 (during store hours)