Science Based Evidence Based Ayurveda (SBEBA)

Viral Fever First Aid Guide

Using SBEBA principles, we developed advanced scientific protocols to give rapid relief from viral fevers!

Viral Fever First Aid Counselling

Viral fever first aid kit is a set of highly scientific diet and a set of regimens that can initiate the recovery process of the patient when suffering from viral or infectious diseases.

These first aid guidelines are not alternative to proper medical consultation. If you have any severe symptoms or comorbidities please consult the nearest SBEBA practitioner for consultation.

How Counselling Works

Patient Registration

Press the "Request Counselling" button above and fill the basic details. Then a doctor and volunteer will be assigned to you.

First Aid Counselling

The Assigned doctor and a volunteer will help you understand the SBEBA First aid process and the doctor will share the diet & set of regimens that you should follow.

Health Tracking

Once you agree to follow the SBEBA guidelines, your doctor/volunteer will help you to monitor your health and track the progress.

What is SBEBA ?

SBEBA is a scientific treatment methodology developed after more than ten years of intense basic and clinical research by Dr. Rajkumar KC, MD, PhD (Ayurveda) and Dr. Remya Krishnan MD, PhD (Ayurveda).

SBEBA uses standardized treatment and decision making guidelines from core Ayurveda principles to establish that Ayurveda is fast, predictive, accurate and transparent in healthcare.


Case of Viral fever

Sbeba response in viral fever

Case of Viral fever

Sbeba response in viral fever

3 Cases of Covid 19 in a family

Sbeba response in viral fever