Margaret Tiefenthaler


        I am a naturalized American, privileged to be sworn in as an American citizen under President Donald J. Trump in 2018. I have lived in several countries and, as much as I learned to love each one, not one of them has anything like the US Constitution, a truly unparalleled document. There is no other country, bar Israel, that was birthed fully committed to the Lord God Almighty and whose rights stem directly from Him. That is why I chose to become a citizen of the United States of America. It is also the reason why I have chosen to run for a seat on the SBC GOP Central Committee.

        My family has owned several businesses over the years thereby gaining a solid understanding of how great the free enterprise system is. Is it a perfect system? Of course not, but as an entrepreneur, my belief that communism (socialism) is absolutely the wrong path and direction that this country should ever consider has been unquestionably affirmed given the actions of those currently in power. What we are experiencing now is exactly why the Founders wrote the Constitution in the form that they did - to ensure the freedom of the people, to give the people a voice in government and prevent the rise of tyranny.

        For just short of ten years, I have worked full time for a non-profit organization, running a mental health, stress reduction program in the Big Bear Valley for seniors 60 years and older. Life is becoming more and more difficult for everyone, but especially for seniors. My experience in finding the resources to alleviate the stresses of life for those living on a severely limited income in an increasingly hostile, and over the top expensive, world has placed me in a unique position to recognize steps that need to be taken in waking our party up to realities that those who are supposed to represent us appear to have forgotten.

        The opportunity to have a voice in party direction, the chance to have some part in drawing the Republican party back to its constitutionally driven conservatism is my heart, and it is why I am respectfully asking you for your vote.