Stephen Baca PhD

Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University 

Director, Louisiana State Arthropod Museum

LSU AgCenter, Department of Entomology, Baton Rouge Louis  

Aquatic Beetle Diversity and Evolution 

My research focuses on the biodiversity of aquatic beetles and other insects. I integrate descriptive taxonomy, molecular phylogenetics, and genomics to parse evolutionary patterns and processes across time scales. I incorporate advanced, data-driven methodologies into my investigations, with a current emphasis on evolutionary dynamics at the species and population levels. Targeted field surveys and museum research are essential to my work as I seek to understand the diversity of increasingly threatened aquatic environments. As an incoming assistant professor in the LSU AgCenter Department of Entomology, my lab will focus on researching aquatic insects as models for comparative investigations of biodiversity and evolution. Finally, I have committed myself to actively fostering diversity and equity in STEM fields through mentorship, education, and public engagement.

Recruiting students to join my lab at LSU!

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