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Hello, my name is Saxon, I'm a music student in the UK who enjoys writing - to the point that it is a dream of mine to become a published author.

My favourite genre to read is fantasy-adventure, and my stories are written within the fantasy genre also. I would say that I don't have a single favourite author, rather, I have two: Leigh Bardugo (author of the Grisha trilogy) and Garth Nix (author of the Abhorsen series).

In my spare time I am often found either writing (duh.) or playing guitar, which I have been doing for three years now. Currently, I am writing the first of 5 planned novels in my series, the first of which is nearing completion. (You can read more about these on my WIP page!)

Check out my WIP page to read about my current works and future works. The Meet the Characters page is where I make profiles for the main characters in my works, and will also feature bonus content from character POVs and such (currently, I write in 3rd person).