Speak @ City Council Hearing

*Sept 19th hearing was deferred at the request of the Church.*

*Oct 17th hearing was deferred at the request of the Church.*

*Nov 14th hearing was reported to be another deferral request but instead the applicant's attorney requested a REFERRAL *back* to the Planning Commission with a plan to redesign around the lake. The City Council granted this request, whereas other applicants have to return one year later with their redesign plans. 

*March 13 Planning Commission voted to DENY the Proposal* 

**April 16th 6PM will be the City Council hearing**

**We are encouraging students to come to experience this process of standing up for their community. 


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Write CityCouncil@vbgov.com. Review some letters that were shared with us on this website.

Kids can be involved too! Write the Virginian Pilot a letter to the editor.

Contact Windy Crutchfield if you would like to get more involved at (757) 646-8056

If you would like to donate money towards signage and flyers please venmo@Windy-Crutchfield *You will be provided with an email confirmation of receipt*

Your prayers and good wises are also very much appreciated!

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The Great Neck Estates Civic League