Save the Indus

“Sindhu in might surpasses all the streams that flow... His roar is lifted up to heaven above the earth; he puts forth endless vigour with a flash of light... Even as cows with milk rush to their calves, so other rivers roar into the Sindhu. As a warrior- king leads other warriors, so does Sindhu lead other rivers.... Rich in good steeds is Sindhu, rich in gold, nobly fashioned, rich in ample wealth.”

- Veda

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Pakistan's federal minister for water -- the top federal cabinet member responsible for water issues -- has admitted that Sindh's water has been stolen, and diverted to the province of Punjab, as a policy. "He claimed that water telemeters were deliberately closed by the previous regime under [Former Prime Minister] Nawaz Sharif in an attempt to deprive Sindh from its share of water."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The new PPP led Government of Sindh has indicated that it will pursue Punjab’s theft of Sindh’s waters with IRSA. Irrigation Minister Jam Saifullah Dharejo alleged that Punjab has been withdrawing water from the Indus between the Chashma and Guddu barrages, using illegally operated water pumps.

Friday, January 2, 2004

Nineteen teachers and newsmen protesting in Sindh’s historic capital of Thatta against planned construction of Kalabagh Dam and the Thal Canal to divert Indus waters to Punjab, were charged with sedition. The protestors are alleged to have made anti-Musharraf and anti-Pakistan statements. This incident happened days after a number of US congressmen wrote to Musharraf expressing their concern about violation of water rights of Sindh province, which is on the verge of a man-made famine.

  • River Diverted - Province Dying: NY Times

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

In unprecedented coverage of the theft of Sindh’s waters by Punjab, New York Times publishes two stories on the issue in two consecutive months. In his thoroughly researched articles, Erik Eckholm goes into the deep sense of betrayal and resentment in Sindh as Indus waters are diverted for irrigating new lands in the Punjab upstream, while Sindh starves, and the sea rushes inland destroying lives and livelihoods. See these two articles in NY Times: