Pathfinders, Inc. signs contract for purchase of Deer Lake

September 1 - Today, Pathfinders, Inc., a nonprofit organization, signed a contract with the Connecticut Yankee Council of the Boy Scouts of America to purchase the Deer Lake Camp in Killingworth, Connecticut, for $4.75 million.

The agreement covers the approximately 300-acre property, its buildings, and other improvements connected with the Deer Lake Camp. Closing is scheduled for September 15.

Pathfinders will continue to operate the Deer Lake Camp and Wilderness School, which earned a sterling reputation over the last 30 years. Pathfinders will also work with the Town of Killingworth and the State of Connecticut to ensure that the land is protected in perpetuity.

“We are relieved to report that the beautiful and ecologically crucial Deer Lake property can now be protected forever,” said Ted Langevin, president of Pathfinders, Inc. “We are extremely grateful to the generous donors who have made this purchase possible, and to the lenders who have provided low-interest loans that allow us to complete the deal on a timetable acceptable to the Boy Scouts.”

Today’s announcement concludes negotiations that began late last year and advanced in earnest after Pathfinders committed to bettering a $4.625 million offer from a private

developer that was tentatively accepted by the Connecticut Yankee Council in February.

“Once these loans are repaid, Pathfinders will be able to place a permanent conservation easement on the property,” Langevin said. “We must continue our fundraising efforts in order to repay the loans as soon as possible. We are confident that the many people who recognize the vital importance of preserving Deer Lake will step up to this challenge.”