Slowing down -- let alone undoing -- aging processes was considered impossible until recently. This viewpoint has changed dramatically during the last years with the amazing results of senotherapeutical treatments in mouse experiments, and in human pilot trials. At the IBIMA Rostock, we are paving the way to personalize interventions that prevent health deterioration generically, going for biomarkers for the root causes of aging. In that respect we are looking for our BMBF funded SASKit project for an expert in bioinformatics/data analysis (subproject B1, see the Team page).

Postdoctoral Researcher (f/m/d) on omics data analyses of cellular senescence for 3 years, with the possibility of a 2-year extension


  • Analysis of the data of an in-depth biomarker study investigating the senescence-related molecular processes behind cancer and stroke, in human and mouse, to establish a biomarker kit
  • Sequence data analysis, machine learning and data integration
  • Analysis of transcriptomics, proteomics, clinical chemistry, and questionaire data
  • Writing of scientific papers and applications, and contributions to joint papers and applications
  • Qualification towards Habilitation (post-doctoral degree certifying research and teaching expertise)
  • An exciting project, aiming at biomarkers for senotherapy, see also "Bioinformaticians in Aging & Senescence Research" BOF,


  • Doctorate related to bioinformatics, or a research field in the medical/life/natural/mathematical sciences
  • Programming/scripting skills, preferably including expertise in R and Java or Python
  • Strong communication skills (oral presentations and in writing)
  • (Nice to have): Biostatistics expertise (Cox hazard modeling; descriptive statistics)

Start Date

Oct 01, 2019

How to Apply

If this describes you and your intentions then please send your application in a single PDF document, consisting of:

  • CV
  • Brief statement of research interests and qualifications
  • Contact information for 2-4 scientists who may write a letter of recommendation


Georg Fuellen (fuellen at uni - rostock . de) or Axel Kowald (Axel.Kowald at uni - rostock . de)


Rostock, Germany