Research Interests

Substantive: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce management, Emerging Markets, Social/Peer Influence

Methods: Econometric data analysis, Causal Inference

Peer Reviewed

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Book Chapter(s) & Other Publications

  • Kumar, V. and Sarang Sunder (2016), "Customer Lifetime Value and Its Relevance to the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry," in Accountable Marketing: Linking Marketing Actions to Firm Performance, David J. Stewart and Craig T. Gugel, eds. New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Kumar, V, Sarang Sunder, and Robert P Leone (2015), "Who's Your Most Valuable Salesperson?," Harvard Business Review, 96 (4), 62-68. (URL - )

Working papers

[Paper titles are suppressed to preserve double blind review process]
  • Zhao, Yi. and Sarang Sunder (2018), (under review at Management Science)


[Paper titles are suppressed to preserve double blind review process]
  • “Salesforce management”, with V. Kumar, and Robert P. Leone
  • “Profitable Customer Management in Hospitality Industry”, with Agata Leszkiewicz, Chekitan Dev, and V. Kumar
  • “Customer centric innovation”, with Somnath Banerjee and Tyson Browning
  • “Healthcare management”, with Sriram Thirumalai