Sarah E. Moore, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Instruction

Director, Business Communication Program

Director, Business Communication Center

Naveen Jindal School of Managment

The University of Texas at Dallas


Welcome to my website! I am Dr. Sarah E. Moore, a teacher-scholar and an expert in the field of business communication. With a strong academic background and a passion for helping professionals excel in their communication skills, I have dedicated my career to creating impactful resources and research to promote teaching excellence.

I hold an interdisciplinary studies Ph.D. specializing in Studies in Literature from the Department of Arts & Humanities at The University of Texas at Dallas. My doctoral research focused on how Victorian women wrote about religion and religious work. While doing graduate work, I taught first-year writing and business communication. In 2016, I joined the business communication faculty full-time to apply my interdisciplinary methods to how people communicate at work rather than about work. 

Throughout my academic journey, I have contributed to the advancement of knowledge in various areas of literature and communication. My academic publications include articles in the Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, where I explored the language of LinkedIn and the gender gap in popular publications. I co-authored works on women and Christianity and contributed chapters to companions on Victorian popular fiction. Currently, I have several research projects in progress, including an examination of AI resume writing instruction trends and a study on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on fairness perceptions during interviews (supported by the C.R. Anderson Research Grant from the Association of Business Communication).

With a wealth of teaching experience, I have had the privilege of instructing diverse courses at The University of Texas at Dallas. These courses include Business Communication, Freshman Seminar, First Year Learning lab, Professional Development, Masterpieces of World Literature, and Rhetoric. As the Program Director for Business Communication since the fall of 2020, I have overseen the program's growth and success, managing a team of full-time and part-time faculty members, assessing the curriculum, and spearheading initiatives to improve student writing and job placement using technology. I also serve as the Director of the Business Communication Center, collaborating with full-time staff to implement innovative approaches to expand services and creating writing and speaking "bootcamps" for students.

In addition to my academic contributions, I actively engage in professional service. I have served on committees, including the Committee on Academic Integrity, the Disciplinary Committee (including as a Title IX Hearing chair), and New Student Excellence Board at The University of Texas at Dallas, and the committees for diversity and MLA/ABC liaison for the Association of Business Communication. I have also participated as a presenter and panelist at conferences, including the Association for Business Communication and Modern Language Association, where I discussed topics such as cheating and plagiarism, diversity and inclusion in business communication, and the interdisciplinary use of literature in the business school.

Through my website, I invite you to explore my published works, learn more about my research interests, and stay updated on my latest projects and presentations. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or collaboration opportunities. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to connecting with you on matters of communication in the workplace.

Dr. Sarah E. Moore, Ph.D.

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