Sarah Grider Voter’s Pamphlet Statement 2018 Oregon General Election

Occupation: Special Education Assistant

Occupational Background: US Army Veteran, Public Safety Officer, Women’s Resource Center Assistant

Educational Background: AAS Criminal Justice, BA Communications, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, FEMA Incident Command, Certified in School to Employment Transition

Prior Government Experience: U.S Army, Newberg Citizens Rate Review Committee

Opportunity and Education: Every student should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. I will fight to establish Oregon as a national leader in proactive, inclusive education policy.

  • Enforce systems of checks and balances for District Administrations
  • Expanded career and technical programs in K-12
  • Tuition free public colleges and universities

Guaranteed Healthcare: No Oregonian should go bankrupt because of their healthcare needs. I will fight special interests in Salem and ensure every Oregonian has the care they need when they need.

  • Support measures to move towards single payer health care coverage with low/no copays
  • Protect preventative care services and services for those with chronic health issues
  • Secure access for behavioral and mental health resources for all ages

Environmental Protections: Family farms and our clean environment are critical to sustained economic development in Oregon. We must respect the land we live on, and promote an innovative green energy agenda.

  • Promote enhanced protections for our rivers, forests, and wildlife
  • Establish sustained revenue streams to promote renewable investments
  • Support establishing common sense regulations on dangerous oil trains

We can achieve these goals through a proactive, practical approach to revenue policy and electing leaders who work in our communities and know what actually works. All Oregonians deserve leaders who show up and fight selflessly to improve others quality of life. I will be that leader in Salem.

Proudly supported by the following people and organizations who also fight for Oregonians like you.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley

Joelle Davis, President, Tualatin City Council

Sean Garland, President, Sherwood City Council

Oregon School Employees Association

American Federation of Teachers-Oregon

Oregon AFL-CIO

National Association of Social Workers

I have dedicated my life to serving our country and community, and I am ready to be a strong progressive voice for our families in Salem.

As a veteran, a caregiver, and an educator, I am no stranger to hard work, dedication, or self-sacrifice.

As a caregiver to seniors and people with disabilities, I know how important it is that Oregonians are able to retire with dignity, and how hard that can be when families have to make tough choices - like deciding between paying rent or saving for retirement. In Salem, I will fight for good, family-wage jobs, and access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare.

I know some of the biggest problems facing our families today are affordable housing and economic opportunity. I will advocate for laws that promote small business growth and equitable development locally and across the state.

As a special education assistant, I work with kids every day who are left behind when we are unable to fully fund our schools. As your next State Senator, I will advocate for stronger schools by working to find sustainable solutions to our funding challenges.


"I have had the great pleasure of working with Sarah on the Newberg Citizens' Rate Review Committee. Sarah is unfailingly prepared, involved and dedicated. She actively seeks to represent her constituents fairly and has the best interest of the community in mind. I am certain she will carry these qualities with her to the State Senate." -Rick Rogers

Trust. Commitment. Dedication.

Vote Sarah Grider for State Senate