A Day at SanYu

An afternoon at the SanYu Learning Center is filled with activities such as learning the Chinese language, practicing math skills, and participating in engaging activities. We also have student-led activities such as ball games, that allow our upper-grade students to take on leadership and managing roles. The Center offers elective classes such as Music, and the Arts. Homework tutoring is also available to our elementary school students.

Extended Care

hours: 8.30am to 12pm

After-School Grades K - 6

hours: 3pm to 6pm

Core Classes


A 7-year Chinese immersion education series 《美洲華語》 designed by Peking University, specifically for K-6th grade students


An accelerated Math curriculum developed by "Singapore Math" to facilitate practices and improve problem-solving skills



A professional children's art instructor helping students to discover and develop their artistic potentials


A credentialed performance-art instructor prepares students for fun activities and on-stage performances


Taekwondo represents an entire philosophy based on five principles: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. Enhance fitness of the body and mind


MPM is a math program designed around the concepts of Multi-Process and Multi-Model mathematics for K - 6 grades


A real-world award-winning violin virtuoso and educator conducting weekly lectures and practice sessions