High School Voter Registration 2020

Summary of the Assignment:

  • Review voter registration eligibility requirements

  • If eligible, check to see if you are already registered

  • If not, and you would like to become a voter in California, register or pre-register online

  • Watch some videos about voting

Eligibility to Vote:

Who can vote in California?

  • ALSO: To vote, you must be either

    • registered to vote at least 15 days before the election in order to receive a mail-in ballot OR

    • registered during the hours that Vote Centers are open (Oct 31 to Nov 3). This is called "same day registration."

Voter Registration:

(1) Pre-registration

[Optional] Watch: Pre-register to vote (video by California Sec. of State's office)

[Teens age 16 or 17 can pre-register to vote. If you do so, you’ll be automatically registered by the County when you turn 18. The DMV now also gives new drivers the opportunity to register with their driver’s license application (“motor voter.”)]

(2) Are you Registered Already?

If you have a driver's license or California ID, you might be already registered.

Watch: How do I check my registration?

Check: Are already registered or pre-registered? (requires at least one form of ID; okay to leave the other one blank or enter zeroes even though it has an asterisk signaling “required”):

(3) How To Register or pre-register to vote

(Optional but encouraged if you are eligible and aren't already registered!)

  • Watch: How to register online;

  • Register to vote online

      • You will need the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) and/or your Driver’s License number

      • A printer may be required if you don’t have a CA driver’s license or ID number

      • Questions about completing your registration? Check out these FAQs or Email: lwvpaoffice@gmail.com

  • If you cannot, for some reason, register online, you can request a paper registration forms by calling 800-345-VOTE. They are also available at the Registrar of Voters Office, U.S. Post Offices, Public Libraries, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and other government offices. Signed & completed forms must be returned in person or by mail.

(5) Track your ballot (optional but encouraged!):

If you are voting in November, sign up for "Where's My Ballot" to receive an email or text when your ballot is mailed to you, received by the registrar, and counted!

Be an Informed Voter

(1) Watch: How to be an informed voter

(2) Explore: At votersedge.org, enter your address, browse the information about candidates and propositions. Share the site with family and friends who vote!

(3) More: Still confused about ballot propositions? Check out the League's EZ Voter Guide for easy-to-understand information about the ballot propositions, or get your questions answered at a public League-sponsored Pros & Cons presentation.

(4) Hear from candidates directly! Register to attend League-sponsored Zoom candidate forums for multiple races that are on the ballot this fall.

How to Vote in 2020

(1) Watch: Be Heard by November 3rd (from the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters), and remember to Vote Safe, Vote from Home!

Not Eligible or Not Old Enough to Vote Yet?

(1) Watch: video about other ways to be an engaged citizen

(2) Watch: Trevor Noah pitch for poll workers . High school students aged 16+ can be paid or get community service hours for being an election worker. Interested? Apply by 9/30 (application requires parental and school permission)