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Hello Sandburg Families,

It's been a great year for the Sandburg PTO and we're so grateful for all the support from the community, Principal Karen Tarbell and Dean Julie Matthews and all the teachers and staff. To our amazing PTO Board members --Danielle Steinhart, Trista Caldwell, Shelly Behan, Missy Crew, Dawnyelle Torres, Laura Pederson and Griffin Ladd -- THANK YOU!! You all were such an important part of our success, each in your own way, and most importantly you made it all fun and rewarding. To our many committee chairpersons and super volunteers - who are often the ones doing the most hands-on work behind the scenes - a huge thank you! Shanna Bevirt, Nerressa Philpott, Kristin Smith, Janna Sieber, Andrea Goldstein, Annie Orley, Amy Edstrom, Stephanie Vann, Jenn Stallilonis, Jeni Finnigan, Sandy Lascola, Brian Caldwell, Stacey Clune and Anna Childs.

We're so proud of what we (with your help) accomplished for Sandburg this year - another successful fall fundraiser - Dash4Dollars, an amazing Live and Silent Auction Event - Soaring to New Heights, a super fun Fall Picnic, Movie Night, the many classroom holiday parties, teacher/staff and volunteer appreciation weeks, the Book Fair, teacher and staff luncheons throughout the year and the countless volunteer hours that supported it all. Collectively we raised over $90,000 for Sandburg which will support staffing needs and phase one of the library renovation.

Thank you all for your support. Wishing everyone a great last week of school and a wonderful summer ahead!

~Megan Tornello & Tara Zucker, co-Presidents, Sandburg PTO

Do you know what happens when you start listing names of all of our many volunteers? You forget to include some people : (

The Playground Pals Program (3P) was successfully launched this year thanks to Brian Caldwell! Thank you Brian and all of the dads, granddads and guardians, etc., that came out to volunteer and support the program. We are so grateful for everyone stepping up to help with this! We know the staff and kids have really benefitted and we look forward to seeing this program prosper next year!

We would like to thank Ana Hernandez for leading up Jungle Ropes this year!

Thank you to all of our auction volunteers and particularly to Auction co-Chair, Danyelle Wall.

Thank you to everyone that stepped up in any way - to volunteer in the classroom, library, playground or donated an item. It takes a village and we are so happy that you are a part of ours.

And to our many room parents Kara Harris, Bridget Reger, Alexis Cobb, Michelle Fegan, Sheila Edwards, Laura Sweeney, Cari Spiecker, Ashlee Luebbert, Shanna Bevirt, Amie Faust, Amy Edstrom, Janice Wallace, Stacy Clune, Ana Hernandez, Kelly James, Nerressa Philpott, Kendall Cady, Sheyla Gordon - thank you for all of your hard work with the Auction Class Projects and for coordinating thank you gifts and being a great support to our teachers and staff!

Thank you to Anna Childs and Shanna Bevirt for being our Music room parents supporting Mrs. Carter with all of the choir and music programs this year!

Our goal was to try and mention of most of our volunteers here but we know we might have missed you. Please know that we appreciate you and everyone at Sandburg appreciates you!

Wishing everyone a great last week of school and a wonderful summer ahead!

~Megan Tornello & Tara Zucker, co-Presidents, Sandburg PTO

Field Day Thank you to Annie Orley and Mr. Rowe for planning our field day again this year!! And thank you to all of our parents for coming out and volunteering.

Ann Winfrey, Jennifer Vierthaler, Katherine Deines, Eric Deines, Diana Phelps, Michael Yates, Jaime Ryan, Amy Lieberthal, Andee Leuenberger, Megan Rotter, Jessica Willcox, Amy Edstrom, Eric Eikenbary, Shelly Vendemo, Emily Paulson, Becky Bush, Amy Grover, Jennifer Elliott, Jamie Doss, Anna Childs, Tara Wood, Theresa Hall, Trista Caldwell, Chris Thompson, Michelle Swanson, Katie Kelly, Evan Steinhart, David Kamstra, Heather Scully, megan tornello, Sherry Serna, Ashlee Esteban, Kristin Orrell, Diana Phelps, Gina Babbitt, Shanna Bevirt, Crystal Joy, Natalie Force, Rylie Drobnjak, Rebecca Peck, Ana Hernandez, Cari Tritz, Mark Hohlen, Jill Dahrens, Chantel Denny-Dembinski, Andrea Goldstein, Andrea Andrews, Georgina Hoggan, Sandy Lascola, Jennifer Elliott, Colleen McGorray, Stephanie Dix, Julie Wisdom, Katie Kelly, Jennifer Broekema, matt lascola, Jamie O'Kane, Lynsey Jordan, Shelly Behan, Ashley Turner, Karla Turner, Cari Tritz, Leslie Hakze, Karen Ryan, Jessica Willcox, Laura Sweeney

It was a great day and we know the kids had a great day thanks to all of your support.

Streets of SouthGlenn THANK YOU Sandburg parents!

Sandburg’s Save the Date


  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Choir Performance
  • Field Day
  • PTO Meeting 6:00-8:00 pm
  • 5th Grade Party
  • Friday, May 24 – Last Day of School/ 5th Grade Continuation

Every Wednesday of the school year is a 1 hour Late Start.

*Some events subject to change. Watch PTO website and your emails for updates.

To Be Scheduled: Sandburg Out & Abouts, Social Events

All of your receipt saving won Sandburg 2nd place and $2000 from the SouthGlenn Street Smarts program. We appreciate all of your efforts and thank you to Andrea Goldstein for manning this program for our school. Note that the program resumes on August 15th so make sure to put a reminder in your calendar to start saving them again on 8/15.

Thanks to everyone that came out to show their support at our PTO meeting this week! We are still looking for parents to step up and fill vital positions. Please reach out to us in-person or via email at to learn more. We thank you in advance for stepping up and helping out where you can. The more positions that we can fill the better we are able to support the school with the levels we are accustom to!

Pool Party for 5th grade students rescheduled! They will have music, food and games now on Thursday, May 23rd. Be sure they bring a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and goggles! Lunch will be served. Pickup will be usual time of 2:43pm back at school.

Lost & Found Don’t forget to check the Lost and Found before the end of school. Any items that aren’t claimed by the last day of school will be donated!

Save the Date:

Monday, May 23: 5th Grade Student Pool Party @Cherry Knolls Pool

Friday, May 24: 5th Grade Continuation Ceremony in Sandburg Gym & Cafe, 8:30 am

Friday, May 24: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (early release day)

What's Happening at Sandburg this month:

Are you a parent of a 5th grader? Save the date, May 20th, for the student-only event and be sure to pay your student's party fee here and see if you can help out with needed items to donate. Thank you from the 5th Grade Party Committee. Thanks to those of you that have already paid your fees and/or donated!

Don't forget to enroll in the new King Soopers program! It takes just a minute and there's no longer a need to re-load those gift cards! Log into your King Soopers account and search for Sandburg Elementary or search for FD809 and then click "Enroll". See instructions here

Contact Us:

Presidents: Megan Tornello and Tara Zucker

1st Vice President: Karen Tarbell

2nd Vice President(s): Danielle Steinhart

Treasurer: Shelly Behan and Missy Crew

Secretary: Trista Caldwell and Dawnyell Torres

Volunteers: Laura Pederson and Griffin Ladd