Welcome to the Seneca Sandbox Tutorial on
Creating Effective Presentations

This tutorial includes six individual segments on smaller topics that are all important to presenting. Each segment can be used as a stand-alone lesson or combined with others for a more complete tutorial.

Take a look at the key elements of presentations and consider how online presentations differ from in-person.

Crafting your message

Learn about storytelling, how to define and engage your audience, how to find images, and effectively design your slides for maximum impact. Navigate each one in order, or choose a section below:

Look at communication techniques, ways to rehearse, and tips for conquering nerves for online and in-person presentations.

Your tech is important! Consider cameras, microphones, lighting, conferencing software, and how to test your tech ahead of the big day whether you're presenting in-person or online.

Instructor Resources

Instructor resources are designed to accompany these lessons. Teaching tools include zip files you can add to your learning management system, assignment templates, and assessment rubrics.

Instructor resources
  • LMS zip files

  • Assignment Templates

  • Assessment Rubrics

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