Creating Infographics with the Seneca Sandbox

Welcome to the Seneca Sandbox Tutorial on Creating Infographics

This tutorial includes six individual segments on smaller topics that are all important to creating infographics. Each segment can be used as a stand-alone lesson or combined with others for a more complete tutorial.

Discover the purpose behind infographics and learn about some of the different types of infographics you can create.

Crafting your message

Learn about defining your message in an infographic and how to create a visual plan to get your project started.

Design principles

Look at how to design your infographic by choosing the right colours, images, layouts, fonts, and more.

Using images and audio

You will need graphics for an infographic! Learn about finding copyright-free content and how to cite this content in your work.

How-to instructions


If you are ready to dive in, take a look at our step-by-step instructions on creating an infographic in Canva and PowerPoint.

Choosing the best tool

Need help choosing which software to use? Learn about other infographic creation tools you can use.

Instructor Resources

Instructor resources have been designed to accompany these lessons. Teaching tools include zip files you can add to your learning management system, assignment templates, and assessment rubrics.

Instructor resources
  • LMS zip files

  • Assignment Templates

  • Assessment Rubrics

About the Seneca Sandbox

We are a digital literacies program at Seneca College, affiliated with Seneca Libraries, and can be utilized as a starting point to creating great digital content.

We provide a support system for students, faculty, and staff.