My mantra in life: "कर्म ही धर्म है" loosely translates into Karma is Dharma (or Work is Religion).

Sanchayan Banerjee
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

About me

I am a Tenured Assistant Professor of Behavioural and Environmental Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where I am affiliated to the Institute for Environmental Studies and Amsterdam Sustainability Institute. I am also a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and King's College London. I hold a PhD in Environmental and Behavioural Economics from the LSE. In my research, I work on developing and testing citizen-oriented behavioural policies to improve citizen's welfare in fields of public health, environment and climate change. Along with Peter John, I have developed the NUDGE+ toolkit. My research has received more than half-a-million Euros in grants until date. I currently lead the NWO ALIGN4energy (5.7 mn Euros) research project in the Netherlands. I am an Associated Editor of Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (Nature) and a section Editor of Behavioural Public Policy.

Check out my new hits

Forthcoming in Scientific Reports. "Nudging against consent is effective but lowers welfare." Joint with Mollie Gerver & Peter John.

Special Issue, co-edited by me (+others), now out in Behavioural Public Policy. Check out our introduction to the special issue.

Published in Behavioural Public Policy. It's time we put agency in behavioural public policy. Joint with Till Grüne-Yanoff, Peter John and Alice Moseley.

Published in PNAS nexus. "Thinking about default enrollment lowers vaccination intentions and public support in G7 countries." Joint with Richard Koenig, Manu Savani, John McAndrews, Blake Lee-Whiting, Andrew Hunter, Peter John, Peter John Loewen, & Brendan Nyhan.

Published in Environmental Research Communications. "Pledging After Nudging Improves Uptake of Plant-based Diets: a Field Experiment in a German University Cafeteria". Joint with Philipp Thamer & Peter John.

Published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. "The future of experimental design: Integrative, but is the sample diverse enough?". Joint with Sakshi Ghai. 

Published in Scientific Reports. "Public support for more stringent vaccine policies increases with vaccine effectiveness.". Joint with Richard Koenig, Manu Savani, John McAndrews, Blake Lee-Whiting, Andrew Hunter, Peter John, Peter John Loewen, & Brendan Nyhan.

Published in Nature Sustainability. "Sustainable dietary choices improved by reflection before a nudge in an online experiment". Joint with Matteo Galizzi, Peter John, & Susana Mourato.

What's cooking?

I will be hosting the Annual IBPPC 2025 in Amsterdam in June 2025.

I was granted tenure in April 2024 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 🎉

I spoke at the NWO-NERA Energy Symposium 2024. 

My research was recently featured by UN Academic Impact. It's here

I was recently interviewed for the Dutch National Meat Less Week. It's here.

I was interviewed by The Times UK. It's here.

I was caught on a podcast recently. It's here.

In recent news

I have been awarded an ASI Seed Grant 2023 on "empowering climate education".

I have been awarded a Dutch Starting Grant (€300K), with Thales Pupo West, to improve uptake of voluntary offsets for food emissions using BPPs. 

I have started and will be teaching the VU Amsterdam Winter School on "Behavioural Public Policy".  (Update: This course has now ended but there will be a version 2.0 soon).


Secondary Affiliations
LSE Psychology and Behavioural Science
King's College London SPE
Higher Education Academy (Advance HE)



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