I am currently working as a Researcher at the AI and Digital Research Center in Technology Innovation Institute, Abu Dhabi. Previously, I worked as a Research Scientist at the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Abu Dhabi. Before moving to the UAE, I was a CV/ML Researcher in the Intelligent Interior project at Mercedes-Benz R&D India, Bangalore.

I completed my PhD from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore under the guidance of Prof. K R Ramakrishnan in July 2015. I have also interned as a Research Assistant at the Sesame Centre in Interactive Digital Media Institute (IDMI), National University of Singapore.

My research interests include Open-world detection, Weakly-supervised learning, Few- and Zero-shot learning, Human behavior understanding, Activity recognition "in the wild", Egocentric vision, Object detection/recognition.


  • Our work on Person Search accepted to ACCV'22 [Sep'22]

  • Our work on Video Instance Segmentation accepted to ECCV'22 [July'22]

  • Two papers (on Open-world Object Detection and Few-shot Action Recognition) accepted to CVPR'22 [Mar'22]

  • One of the Outstanding reviewers for ICCV'21 [Sep'21]

  • Two papers (on Weakly-supervised Action Localization and Multi-label Zero-shot Learning) accepted to ICCV'21. Papers and code coming soon. [July'21]

  • One of the outstanding reviewers for CVPR'21 [June'21]

  • Our paper on Zero-shot Learning accepted to ECCV'20 [July'20]

  • One of the Top reviewers for ECCV'20 [July'20]

  • Our paper on Weakly-supervised Action Localization accepted to ICCV'19 [July'19]

  • Our work on Generalized Zero-shot Action Recognition accepted to CVPR'19 [Feb'19]