Sanath Kumar Krishnamurthy

Hello, I am Sanath. I am an MSc Student studying Computer Science at Chennai Mathematical Institute.

My research interests are in Algorithms, Game Theory, Optimization, and Machine Learning.

To see my CV click here. For a quick overview on fixed point theorems click here.

Research Papers:

  • Finding Fair and Efficient Allocations [arXiv]

With Siddharth Barman and Rohit Vaish

EC, 2018.

  • Greedy Algorithms for Maximizing Nash Social Welfare [arXiv]

With Siddharth Barman and Rohit Vaish

AAMAS, 2018.

  • Groupwise Maximin Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods [arXiv]

With Siddharth Barman, Arpita Biswas, and Y. Narahari

AAAI, 2018.

  • Approximation Algorithms for Maximin Fair Division [arXiv]

With Siddharth Barman

EC, 2017.