Leading Business and Real-estates of Sanali Group

Leading Business and Real-estates of Sanali Group

The motto at Sanali Group is ‘build right the very first time’. The team at Sanali group works with dedication to create an environment that focuses on the growth of both customers and itself. It integrates values, reliability, and offers quality services. Well known for providing end-to-end solution, Sanali Group has a dedicated team of professionals who has left no stone unturned to make itself the best real estate service provider in India.

Leading Business of Sanali Group

Sanali Group has invested in various leading business. The capability goes beyond the product and technical development which handles critical challenges. It provides full support to the clients through various strategies and implementation of concepts and designs.

Some of the leading businesses of Sanali Group are –

· Luxor Estates and Holdings – It includes sale and development of lands, operating of apartment hotels, and residential mobile home sites. Luxor Estates and Holdings is involved in Real estate activities with leased and owned properties. Buildings includes non-residential buildings, developing and subdividing real estates, apartment buildings and dwellings.

· Luxor Energy Private Limited – It is promoted by Sanali Group which is developing Coal based supercritical Thermal Power Generation Plant. It has the capacity of 1320 MW. This project is located in the State of Karnataka.

· Flamingo Energy Private Limited – It is one of the venture of Sanali Group, it is a thermal power plant with capacity of 2x660 MW. It is located at Bijapur District of Karnataka.

· Aryabhatta Solutions Limited – one of the subsidiary of Sanali Group in the field of software development and consultancy services. It aims to provide data and information security services.

· Sanali Mines and Minerals LLC – invested in mining in the United States of America.

· Amir Ads – Boosts more than 100 OOH media spaces in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh.

· Sanali Resources LLC

Sanali Group has the most diverse projects and always aims for quality and customer satisfied services.