Ms. Sams 7-8 ELA

Kelly Sams Ext. 1040

Hello, I teach seventh and eighth grade language arts. This is my second year at Oak Grove. I have a fur a fantastic family, an adorable fur baby named Lola, three amazing nieces, and three incredible great-nephews. I love reading and writing. Teaching is my passion and I am thrilled to be a part of the Oak Grove Eagle Community. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. It is a great year to be an eagle.

Grading policy: Late assignments can be turned in one day late for 10% percent off. After a day it will be for 50% credit. Teacher make keep students in at recess to make up late work. Eighth grade only fourth quarter students will be able to turn in late work the next day for 50% credit. After a day work will be given a zero. This matches the high school policy and will prepare students for high school.

Class rules and policies:


  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Flexible
  4. Be Safe
  5. Be kind

Positive Consequences

  1. Dojo points Go over Dojo qualifiers

Quarterly rewards

  1. Classroom privileges
    1. Keeping other flexible seating options
    2. 25 points each quarter- sign up for couch and chair
    3. 50 points choose a friend to sit with (Teacher will move you if it becomes an issue)
    4. 75 Points 10 minutes free time on Chromebook (No streaming, games only) or a homework pass
    5. 100 Points quarterly Class celebration to be determined as a class.
  2. School reward days
  3. Praise
  4. Food rewards are given at the teacher’s discretion

Whole class rewards

Class parties, class free time, or extra recess may be earned when the class achieves a class goal.

Consequences of poor choices

  1. Warning
  2. Loss of a Dojo point and parent notification
  3. Loss of a second Dojo point, parent notification, and 10 minutes of recess conferencing with the teacher.
  4. Loss of a third Dojo point, parent notification, Think sheet, before, lunch, or after school 30-minute detention, and parent contact
  5. Major or repeated infractions will result in an office referral