Hardware Components

  • 24"x18"x3mm Acrylic Two-Way Mirror [ACQUIRED]
  • Raspberry Pi 3 [ACQUIRED]
  • 16GB microSD card [REQUIRED, NOT ORDERED]
  • Wood housing materials, paint & primer, epoxy & other bonding agents, foam board [ACQUIRED]
  • Neopixel LED ring [ACQUIRED]
  • LCD Panel & Driver [ACQUIRED]
  • 7-Segment display [ACQUIRED]
  • Power supplies [ACQUIRED]
  • 12mm Round Momentary Metal Push Button [x2] (Like This, or similar cheaper version) [REQUIRED, NOT ORDERED]


Hardware assembly is done, and software development has begun!

Testing with LCD & Clock ON, Neopixel OFF

Back side, after wiring and installing Neopixel

Front LCD & clock panels, before being covered by acrylic mirror

Back side, before attaching wiring & Neopixel ring

Hardware Details

-One push-button will switch neopixel ring on/off via RaspPi GPIO digital pins

-One push-button will switch LCD panel on/off via RaspPi GPIO digital pins

I have gotten test python scripts to run smoothly on my RaspPi that display full-screen graphics. I am using the Tkinter 8.5 & Python Imaging Library 1.1.7 libraries for this. My next step is to edit my scripts to fetch weather and news data. I also need to finish my mirror housing with wood working tools- I will be able to do this next time I go home.

Finished Parts

-Components attached to mirror

-Internal wiring finished

-RaspPi SSH set up

-Button controlling NeoPixel is wired

-Button controlling LCD is wired

Unfinished Parts

-Finish software (not much left to implement, ETA <1 week)

-Finish mirror enclosure (Shouldn't take more than a day)

The wood I will be using for my enclosure

Dwm 2018-04-26 19-57-18-09.avi

Showcase of software in early stage. Open source icons provided by Lukas Bischoff, licensed under SIL OFL 1.1

Button on LCD driver controller replaced with better button

Power supply modified to fit wood enclosure

Wooden enclosure + 3D printed button panel