Samuel Edwards

About Me

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in mathematics at Yale University. I received my Ph.D. from Uppsala University in 2018, where I studied under the supervision of Professor Andreas Strömbergsson.


I study problems related to automorphic functions and homogeneous dynamics. I am particularly interested in using methods from spectral and representation theory to prove results related to effective equidistribution. Here is a copy of my CV.


  1. Effective equidistribution of the horocycle flow on geometrically finite hyperbolic surfaces (preprint, 2019) arXiv
  2. Some applications of representation theory in homogeneous dynamics and automorphic functions (Ph. D. Thesis, 2018) link
  3. Effective equidistribution of horospheres in infinite volume quotients of SO(n,1) by geometrically finite groups (manuscript, 2018) link
  4. Renormalization of integrals of Eisenstein series and analytic continuation of representations (preprint, 2018) arXiv
  5. On the equidistribution of translates of orbits of symmetric subgroups in Γ\G (manuscript, 2018) link
  6. On the rate of equidistribution of expanding translates of horospheres in Γ\G (preprint, 2017) arXiv
  7. On the rate of equidistibution of expanding horospheres in finite-volume quotients of SL(2,C) (Journal of Modern Dynamics, 2017) link arXiv
  8. The rate of mixing for diagonal flows on spaces of affine lattices (M.Sc. Thesis, 2013) link