Minju Lee

I am a post-doctoral member of Institute for Advanced Study during 2021-2022. I received my Ph. D. from Yale University, under the supervison of Hee Oh.

My research interests includes dynamical systems, ergodic theory, homogeneous dynamics, hyperbolic geometry, Kleinian groups, and higher Teichmuller theory.

Here is my CV.

I can be reached by (firstname at ias.edu).

Publications and preprints(click the titles for the link) :

9. Dichotomy and measures on limit sets of Anosov groups (with Hee Oh) Preprint, 23 pages, arXiv:2203.06794

8. Uniqueness of conformal measures and local mixing for Anosov groups (with Sam Edwards, and Hee Oh) To appear in Michigan Mathematical Journal (Prasad Volume), 17 pages, arXiv:2111.12752

7. Horospherical invariant measures and a rank dichotomy for Anosov groups (with Or Landesberg, Elon Lindenstrauss, and Hee Oh) Preprint, 32 pages, arXiv:2106.02635

6. The Hopf-Tsuji-Sullivan dichotomy for Anosov groups in low and high rank (with Marc Burger, Or Landesberg, and Hee Oh) Preprint, 29 pages, arXiv:2105.13930

5. Ergodic decompositions of geometric measures on Anosov homogeneous spaces (with Hee Oh), To appear in Israel Journal of mathematics, 30 pages, arXiv:2010.11337

4. Invariant measures for horospherical actions and Anosov groups (with Hee Oh) Preprint, 51 pages, arXiv:2008.05296

3. Anosov groups : local mixing, counting, and equidistribution (with Sam Edwards, and Hee Oh) To appear in Geometry & Topology, 52 pages, arXiv:2003.14277

2. Topological proof of Benoist-Quint's orbit closure theorem for SO(d,1) (with Hee Oh) Journal of Modern Dynamics. Vol 15(2019), 263-276, arXiv:1903.02696

1. Orbit closures of unipotent flows for hyperbolic manifolds with Fuchsian Ends (with Hee Oh) Preprint, 101 pages, arXiv:1902.06621


Ergodic Geometry and Margulis' Legacy: the Next Generation (Scheduled 2022)

Topology and geometry seminar, NUS, (Scheduled 2022)

Arithmetic group seminar, IAS, 02.16.2022

Virtual seminar on geometry and topology, Joint seminar of KAIST and KIAS, Fall 2021

Virginia Topology conference, Fall 2021

Oberwolfach Arbeitsgemeinschaft : Thin groups and Super-approximation, Fall 2021

Short talk by postdoctoral members, IAS, 09.27.2021

Nearly Carbon Neutral Geometry and Topology (NCNGT), Summer 2021

Heidelberg Differential geometry seminar, 5.27.2021

Diophantine approximation and homogeneous dynamics (DAHD) webinar, 3.17.2021

New England dynamics and number theory seminar, Joint seminar of Brandeis University and Wesleyan University, 3.8.2021

Group action seminar, UC San Diego, 1.12.2021

Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory seminar, Joint seminar of University of Zurich and ETH, 11.09.2020

Midwest dynamics seminar, Joint seminar of Chicago, IU, Northwestern, Michigan and UIC, 11.02.2020

Group action and Dynamics seminar, Yale University, Fall 2020

Working seminar on Dynamics, Yale University (3 lectures in Winter 2020, 2 lectures in Winter 2019, 2 lectures in Fall 2016)

Oberwolfach Arbeitsgemeinschaft : Zimmer's conjecture, Fall 2019

CMC Dynamics seminar, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Summer 2019