Saint Matthew's
Catholic Church

At Saint Matthew's, Silverdale, Hamilton we live in accord with the will of the Father, reflecting the life of Jesus Christ and are led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We celebrate the Eucharist as the center, source and summit of our Catholic faith.

We are a community forming an oasis of prayer, reflecting the love of Jesus and eager to share the source of our joy and hope.

Our congregation averages 180 at a Sunday Mass with people from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, India, the Pacific as well as New Zealand. 


Starting Thursday 2nd of May 2024.
We are fully booked.

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Available every Sunday
Saint Matthew’s after 8:30am Mass.

People praying with love for one another’s needs as led by God’s Spirit. 

We all have needs in our lives - worries and concerns about our family, health, jobs, decisions to be made etc. Prayer ministry is an opportunity to share those needs with others who will pray with you.

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