Sahaja Yoga Oberösterreich

Sahaja Meditation is a simple but powerful technique that helps people manage stress, solve problems, and take control of their lives. Sahaja Meditation lets us plug into the vital energy force and harness its power to become healthier, better balanced and better connected to ourselves — physically, mentally and emotionally. How does Sahaja Meditation differ from other forms of meditation? It allow us to achieve the powerful state of thoughtless awareness or mental silence.

Sahaja Meditation is a living science that offers benefits for everyone, and on many different levels. Everyone can explore at their own pace, based on their own personal self-improvement goals.

Sahaja Meditation is good for heart, mind, body and soul. Sahaja Meditation is a powerful stress relief strategy. The sense of inner calm you experience during thoughtless awareness boosts your emotional resilience, which ensures that you can effectively cope with stressful events. Sahaja Meditation helps improve selfesteem, and restore a sense of balance and well-being. It also revitalizes energy, restores optimism, peace and contentment.

The calendar below is for the Upper Austrian Collective.

Bhajan Practices will be updated on locations as soon as we know. For now they are all scheduled at the Linz Zentrum until a change occurs.