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Founded in 2015 in New Jersey, Safety Third Racing is a nationally recognized First-Person-View Drone Racing organization! Our diverse community of makers and pilots in NY, NJ, PA, OH advances FPV sport through inclusive education, open innovation, and competitive racing.

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Safety Third Racing is the largest AMA Chartered Club in New Jersey focused 100% on FPV Drone Racing! Check out our next NJ/NY/PA Meetup

All beginner, intermediate and veteran drone racing enthusiasts — come fly with us! Join our community and learn how to design, build, test, fly and race!

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Become a supporting member of Safety Third Racing — you'll be supporting your team and FPV racing community, and you'll unlock all sorts of S3 benefits! Check out our Team S3 Page for more info.

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Dive into our team's ever-expanding knowledge repository, the Safety Third Racing Wiki. You'll find everything — parts and vendors, build tutorials and reference material, event set-up help, track and course layouts, and more! Find even more on our Academy page. 

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