Safe Rideshare Program

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Welcome to the Safe Rideshare Program!


The goal of this site is to help adults get around in their community more spontaneously and independently by using rideshare. Through the videos and activities here, you will learn what rideshare is and how to use it safely, so that you can feel more confident using rideshare to get where you want, when you want.


The four virtual lessons on this site can be completed on your own and repeated as many times as you like. However, this site should be *just one part* of getting better at using rideshare. It is important to talk with, practice, and get feedback from a teacher, counselor or family member.


This program was designed specifically for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disorders. However, it may also be useful for people with other disabilities, older adults who are no longer able to drive, or anyone who wants to become more familiar with rideshare and learn how to use it safely.

Click the button below to begin Lesson 1: Intro to Rideshare. GOOD LUCK!

The Safe Rideshare Program was developed as the final capstone project of an Occupational Therapy Doctoral student at Virginia Commonwealth University. This site is intended to increase awareness and knowledge of what rideshare is and how to use it safely. On its own, it is not sufficient to ensure an individual can take rideshare safely or transfer their knowledge to performance in real-world situations. The Safe Rideshare Program, its creators, and Virginia Commonwealth University are not responsible for any negative experiences or personal harm that results from using rideshare.
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