We support using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) for the City of Sacramento's local elections. 

RCV is a simple solution that can improve our election system:

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

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How it works

RCV gives voters the freedom to rank candidates in order of preference: first, second, third, and so forth. If your top choice can't win, then your vote counts for your second choice, so that it isn't wasted.

This allows voters to express their true preferences, supporting more representative outcomes. And it allows communities to get rid of Primaries (which cost money and encourage negative campaigning) and instead hold a single election with higher voter turnout.

RCV would solve many of Sacramento's problems

Solution:  RCV could instead move all Council races to the General Election, where more people vote. This would produce election outcomes that better reflect what most of the community wants.

Solution:  RCV would motivate candidates to run positive, inclusive campaigns, reaching out to the whole community and focused on all the issues.

Solution:  RCV would make candidates less reliant on fundraising, so they can spend more time talking to the voters, including a broader range of voters and not just their "base."

Solution:  RCV would create an "instant run-off," consolidating decisions in one single election. 

Solution:  RCV saves taxpayer money. Instead of administering two elections to make one decision, RCV only needs a single election. This saves the City's financial resources for other vital services.

RCV is already used in 51 other cities, counties, and states, where voters overwhelmingly prefer RCV to "run-off systems" like Sacramento's

Better Ballot Sacramento supports using RCV for Sacramento's local elections.

We're joined by the League of Women Voters, Indivisible Sacramento, the California RCV Coalition, and the Sacramento Latino Democratic Club

Together, our coalition will put a measure on the local ballot to adopt RCV for Sacramento's local elections.

But first,  we're working to explain the benefits of RCV and how it can bring solutions to Sacramento. Join us!


CONTACT US:  Info@BetterBallotSacramento.org