Symposium on 2D Materials and Devices


Welcome to S2DMD 2019!

With the advent of 2D materials, a semiconductor industry is undergoing a renaissance, from very large devices to atomically thin devices. The properties of these 2D materials provide an edge over other low dimensional materials (0D and 1D) due to their layer by layer interaction which gives birth to new exciting physics. The 2D materials possess a large number of electronic, optical, chemical, and thermal properties which have never been seen in their 3D counterpart. From the past few years, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) materials analogous to graphene have received captivated attention because of their unconventional mechanical, electrical, physical, and structural properties. MoS2, being the frontrunner of TMDC family, has opened up new avenues because of its tunable band gap, a great degree of flexibility, high surface to volume ratio, and its chemical and mechanical robustness. Consequently, MoS2 has attained importance in the developement of transistor, water splitting, photodiode, and IoT systems.

The symposium on the theme "2D Materials and Devices", jointly organized by IIT Jodhpur and INYAS is being held at IIT Jodhpur during 27-28 September 2019.

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