I am a Research Fellow in the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford and a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College.

I blend experiments, theory, and empirics to study macro-financial questions, monetary economics, and the micro-foundations of macroeconomics, broadly defined. There are two core components to my research agenda: the relationship between central bank communication and expectation formation, and the connection between economic expectations and decisions. Within this agenda, I have recently focused on better understanding central bank credibility, central bank communication with financial markets and the public, how financial markets respond to higher-order moments of central bank density forecasts, and how unconventional monetary policies can help economies escape from protracted recessions. 

My  C.V. is here.  

email: ryan.rholes@economics.ox.ac.uk

  • I've received a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant to fund my research on the relationship between economic expectations and decisions (joint with Alena Wabitsch and Michael McMahon)

Upcoming Presentations (2024):

Recent Presentations (2023):