Keystone made of maple with Laser-etched image – 12/18

Planed the piece of Maple with a hand plane

Cut the maple piece into a Keystone shape, a shape I really like

Laser etched an image of my brother's dog onto it as a Christmas gift for him

Sanded and finished the piece with mineral oil

Ice cream scoop handle turned from redheart – 12/18

I turned this handle for an ice cream scoop from redheart (also called chakte-kok) as a Christmas gift for my dad. Red heart is a wood from southern Mexico, Paraguay, and southern Brazil. It turned very easily, with little tear-out or related issues. I used a wire-burning technique to make the black accent lines on the handle.

Hand-carved snowman – 12/18

I carved this snowman from a chunk of basswood, a popular wood for carvings like this. It was my first carve ever (besides whittling some sticks when I was younger if that counts), and it was more difficult than I expected. I spent longer than I would like to admit on this, but everyone has to start somewhere. I could feel my knife getting dull as I carved, so I have a feeling that making a strop is going to be an upcoming project.