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RXCamView For PC :- Safety and Security is what is vital in this modern time, We all know that sometimes people are not safe at their homes, There homes could have intruders and also we know we need to be sure and safe at our own houses at all times, And sometimes we might travel to a different place or so, And thus at such times if we happen to have a surveillance set-up at our homes then it could be really helpful and really beneficial at times as well, This app is the most amazing that we know till now.

We have an app for you for free of cost and the name of this app is the RXCamView For PC, Let us understand what this app does and also its features, Though it is not made for PC users, But we will also tell you a tweaked method to use this app and all of its features on PC for free of cost as well, And thus you can enjoy this app without any hassle of any kind at all.

The RXCamView For PC, All about it :-

The RXCamView For PC is a great IP Camera application that is available for users for free on the Google Playstore, This app is a really vivid and safe app for the users who have faced any past burglary issue or any other kind of home security issue, This app ensures that you do not face any issue of such kind and have a rather safe and sound home mind set. This app works with NVR, DVR and also IP cameras and it is really vivid at times, The app is officially only available for the Android users who can install it from playstore and use it easily.

For PC users you can install the emulator and then use the app, either way this app will truly give you great results, It will also save you ton of money, As most of these platforms when it comes to security take loads of money and what not, And it is not really viable in such cases and users can really take benefit of the fact that this app is quite viable, ecstatic and astounding in all terms.

There are also multiple benefits of using and taking the advantage of this app on your computer, As you use the RXCamView For PC you get a bigger and also a way better screen size, A humble compatibility and multiple other kinds of benefits as well, All of this ensures that the users can enjoy a full on amazing user experience and what not with ease, Making this app the most viable one for the users as we say or know.

There are also a vast range of filters and features that come along with this app, So let us get to know them now :-

Functions of the One and only the Amazing RXCamView For PC :-

The RXCamView For PC has a really vast and wide range of features to it, And here is the list of a few features that we must get to know now :-

RXCamView For PC

Watch HD videos in Live stream :- The ZhangHao has created the RXCamView app and this app allows the users to watch the HD streams in a live way and that too from anywhere in the planet, and all that you need is an active internet connection with decent speed and you shall be able to use this app and all of its features without any issue at all.

  • All for Free of cost :- Also enjoy all of this for free of cost, that means you do not have to pay a single penny and all that you need is an IP ( Internet protocol ) camera or a cloud camera and you can use it with ease.

  • Quick Alert notifications :- Also get quick alerts and notifications with the app as you can get to know when there is a potential movement in the camera and easily get notified to it with ease.

  • Recording schedules for people as well :- Also record the schedules and make sure that whenever you want, for that time being the camera records the stuff.

  • Multi camera view support :- Also this app supports multi view that means that you can set -up multiple cameras and view all of it in a grid view manner and have a look over your entire house at once.

  • Two way audio channels :- Also there are two way audio channels that means that you can enjoy this app as well as all of its features without any issue and also listen to the audio.

  • And a lot much more too :- And so many other features that are astounding as well, for free of cost.

Reviews of the ZhangHao RXCamView For PC:-

This is the best app for safety of your house.

By- Ajit Verma (5//5 stars )

I have been using the Rx cam app for some time now, And i really like this app, It is very simple and easy to use and it will ensure My house is safe at all times.

A Very cool and innovative app in this modern time.

By- Stefan Salvatore (4/5 Stars )

The RX Cam app gives me so many benefits and amazing features, And it does not charge for any of it, This app is the revolution for new kind of security, It saves money and there is no maintenance charge like the CCTV setup as well.

Okay Okay app.

By- Elena Gilbert (4/5stars)

This app is good, and works really fine, though some new updates can help and make the user interface a little better of this app for a better user experience.

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3.2 out of 5 stars

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16 September 2020

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