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Welcome to RVA Therapist Connections (RVATC). Here we learn from one another, support one another, and pool our knowledge, training, and resources in order to assist each other and our clients. Members give and receive non-judgmental feedback on clinical issues, resources, work-life balance, and share exciting new research from workshops, classes, and CEU trainings. An environment of compassion and respect is cultivated.

Members of RVA Therapist Connections enjoy access to:

  • An on-line Google group/community of colleagues for feedback and client referrals

  • In-person and online networking groups and gatherings

  • A private Facebook group/community so members can connect in more than one way.

  • Workshops and CEU classes facilitated by experts in their areas of specialty

  • An instant richness of shared resources

  • A sense of support and comraderie that can be difficult to find in solo practice

For more information, please contact our current google group moderator, Michelle O'Brien at for more information.

Join the RVATC Google group