Class Groups

The Rutherford Montessori School is currently comprised of four class groups:

1. Infant: 

2. Toddler: 

3. Preschool

4. Pre-Kindergarten: 


Sensorial: These materials focus on each of the five senses. Sensorial exercises heighten powers of observation, enrich descriptive vocabulary, teach classification, and help the children extend this skill into the world.

Language Arts: This includes reading, writing, and spelling. Teachers encourage the children to express themselves verbally through describing, explaining, telling stories, and forming opinions. As children gain confidence, their skills are broadened with more complicated letter combinations. Emphasis is also placed on the manual skills necessary for writing.

Mathematics: Children learn to associate number symbols with quantities. Manipulative Montessori materials lay the foundation for understanding basic arithmetic operations and promotes a real understanding of the number system in preparation for more abstract mathematical concepts at the elementary level.

Science: Students learn the physical characteristics of plants and animals and their natural environment.  Enhancing vocabulary and using simple experiments to understand basic concepts of physical science are part of the science program.

Geography: Children learn how land and water forms are created.  Map work reinforces language, fine motor coordination, and memory development. Cultural studies emphasize the universal needs of human beings and an appreciation of diversity.

Music: Music classes introduce children to the concepts of rhythm and melody.  Within the classroom, children work to recognize tonal differences and enjoy playing instruments and singing.

Art: A variety of activities and media are used to develop an awareness of color, texture, and form. These activities allow the children to combine fine hand control with their self-expression.