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Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, I am a motivational speaker, author, TV host, leadership consultant, and tennis professional. I was very fortunate to be the head coach for the Punahou School boy's varsity tennis team from 1994-2015. During this time, we set a national record by winning 22 consecutive state championships -- the longest high school streak in the history of the United States in all sports. My book, Beyond The Lines, will help any leader in sports or business achieve the highest level of success and sustain success. It features eight necessary keys in creating the culture of leadership to achieve extraordinary results for your team, business, or organization. It is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Legacy Isle Publishing.

" For over two decades, Rusty has put thousands of student athletes on the road to excellence. His unique brand of physical and mental training has garnered him many awards, yet he’s never lost sight of his true focus - giving young men and women useful insights to help them succeed in any field." - Daniel Dae Kim Actor / Producer

Career Highlights:

    • National Record, 22 consecutive state championships, Punahou Boy's Varsity Tennis 1994-2015

    • 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee, Creighton University

    • 2014 Coach of the Year, National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA), Boys' Tennis

"What characteristics lead to success? Read Rusty Komori’s book Beyond The Lines and you will make surprising discoveries in how to improve your work and personal life." - Allen Doane Former CEO, Alexander and Baldwin

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How did Beyond The Lines come about? The videos below explain why I had to write this book.

Professional Services:

    • Inspirational Speaker

    • Leadership/Character Coach

Learn the best, most effective ways to motivate yourself and to inspire others. Order my book today, Beyond The Lines, or contact me directly to speak at your next function. I can be reached at

"Beyond The Lines takes you on a journey of inspired leadership through insightful, tangible lessons that drive teams to success. This book challenges you to take your leadership to the next level to achieve extraordinary results, and has become required reading for all our leadership conferences." - Corey Campbell CEO & Founder, Akamai Training & Consulting