Introducing Rooftops Interactive Book

Only on iPad


Stimulate your kid's natural curiosity for the world!


Let your kid's imagination soar with hidden surprises!


Motivate your kid to play outside!

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Like most kids his age, Kevin LOVES playing on his iPad, but when his Mom takes it away for spending too much time on it, he embarks on a magical journey of discovery that takes him beyond the screen and into the wonders awaiting for him right outside his window.

Rooftops is an interactive story that will inspire your kid to play outside and build a healthy relationship with technology.

Recent research shows that, when used improperly, technology can have a negative impact on your child’s overall wellbeing, but educators and researchers are beginning to acknowledge the ways technology can be a tool for learning and development, rather than merely a danger.

Rooftops aims to strike the right balance and promote healthy screen time habits. With beautiful illustrations and fun, interactive animations designed to stimulate your kid’s imagination, this wonderful story will help you teach your kid about the benefits of playing outside while building a positive relationship with mobile devices.

“Rooftops is an exquisitely portrayed, entertaining, and visually engaging app that my three year old twins enjoyed! And that storyline, about kids going outside to play more often, is what got me as a Mom!”

– I. Inserni, Beta Tester

“Rooftops isn’t just a book but an interactive experience. My son is an avid reader and when traveling we are unable to carry a library with us but I would surely download Rooftops.”

– C. Watkins, Beta Tester


• Listen to the animated story, with narration, music, and sounds

• Fun, interactive animations throughout the story


• Play a simple, create-your-own window game

• Suitable for ages 4-8

• Absolutely no in-app purchases, hidden costs, or in-game adverts. Perfect for Kids!

• Created especially for the iPad