Hate Crimes In Siskiyou County, California

Fraud, Burglary, Vandalism, Sabotage, Assault and Death Threats Protected by Corrupt County Officials!

This website was created to expose the rampant corruption in Siskiyou County

The Siskiyou County Recorders Office, Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's Office and local judges have all violated the law and/or their department's protocols to assist the criminals, Dan Deppen and Don Phelps to perpetrate a fraud scam to steal my family's property under the color of law.

Russ and Watson

The corruption and criminal activity in Siskiyou County forced us from our home and robbed us of everything we had. So far, no government agency has taken any interest in the hate crimes committed against us. Please help us keep up the legal battle by donating to and/or sharing our fundraising campaign: www.givesendgo.com/RussAndWatson.

Obstructing my family's deeded easement road

Don Phelps and Dan Deppen both obstructed our driveway to prevent us from getting to our property.

Burglary, vandalism and sabotage of our family's cabin

While the Sheriff's Department unlawfully prevented me from going to our property, it was burglarized, vandalized and sabotaged. Our spring box was pried open and a dead animal carcass was thrown inside.

Two arson fires burned our cabin and property

Three strangers went to our property in January of 2020 and burned down our cbain. Six months later, another fire was set that burned 20 - 30 acres. The fires cost taxpayers an estimated $3 million.


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