This is home to some of my visual research, motion experimentation and prototype setups. I enjoy working with vintage lens, chasing Bokeh, and experimenting while filling fish tanks with paint using homemade rostrum setups. I have experience of live action direction for broadcast tiles and creating content for promos using Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects. I started my working life as a Runner taking tapes around Soho in London and have seen the amazing changes that digital has brought to the industry. I have been lucky to have worked in the past within post production in London and as a member of Design staff at UK broadcasters and within Satellite Television.

Creative Research. MA Graduate, Creative Technologies, IOCT De Montfort. Created content for DOOH installations in the UK. Qualitative interview based research at multiple field locations. Final research thesis into use of public way finding solutions and viewership of digital display at locations in the East Midlands UK.