My Derby Resources

This page is stuff that I personally have put together, primarily for my own use.  I've shared it with other officials, some of whom have reported finding some of it useful.  Once again - these documents are not official. They are my own personal efforts. They may be completely wrong. They are not in any way authorized by the WFTDA. It is fun to end sentences in italics!

Seriously - I hope you find these useful, but use them at your own risk.  Do NOT stand up at a WFTDA Clinic and say "Smasher told me to do this!"  I will deny EVERYTHING.

Rules Resources:

Read the rules first! But once you've done that, if your learning style is similar to mine, you might appreciate also having the information arranged in a list, as well as in the more narrative style of the official version.  In addition, this guide integrates key points from the casebook into the rules for easy reference. Please do NOT share modified versions without clearly indicating they are not my original. 

This one IS an official WFTDA Document.

This is a line by line summary of changes to the December 1, 2017 republication of the rules of WFTDA derby.  I want to stress that while this is a useful reference to what's been modified, it is NOT an official publication of any kind, and all copyrights and ownership of the prior and current ruleset reside strictly with the WFTDA.  This is posted here solely as a source of information, and any errors are entirely my own.


Big changes came down in 2019 - no more lap points!


Major simplifications in 2019.  Unsuccessful star passes no longer warrant penalties, and blockers get a grace period to drop the star.


Software Resources:

This is a standalone app that checks StatsBook excel files for errors. Did you list the same blocker twice in the same jam?  Did you forget a penalty?  This program might find it.  Or it might crash, since I wrote it.  But give it a shot, and let me know if you find bugs!  

This tool allows the game data file from CRG scoreboard to be exported to a fresh statsbook or to your existing one.  it's not perfect, and it obviously can't fix errors in data entry, but it can speed things up a bit. Note that from version 5 onward, CRG can export a statsbook directly, so this tool will no longer work for later versions.

This is a set of custom screens for CRG scoreboard, including a jammer statistics screen, a penalty view, and a roster.

Officiating Clinic Materials:

PhDemon and I ran an officiating clinic in September 2023.  Like all Powerpoint slides, it's best to assume that the bulk of the useful information isn't actually on them.