Rules Colored Glasses

Hi! I'm Adam Smasher. (Please call me "Smasher.") I'm an independent WFTDA Certified NSO and Referee. This site is a collection of resources and links designed to help roller derby officials do their jobs. This site is NOT in any way official or endorsed by the WFTDA.

At the moment, there are three sections:

Links to official WFTDA information - rules, manuals, etc. You should really go read all this stuff first before coming back here. Then read it again after to see what I got wrong.

Things that I personally have put together to help officials. Study guides, infographics, and online tools. Use at your own risk - I make no guarantee of accuracy, completeness, or lack of ancient Norwegian curses.

Links to things OTHER people have done. Web sites, instructional videos, FB groups, and 12-step recovery programs for officials. (As soon as someone comes up with that last one.)

If you have any comments, suggestions for additions, or death threats, please send them to dan(at)