Photo: Jolie Cornay

I am an assistant professor at Louisiana State University. 

Office: 308 Lockett Hall

Email: rhan at lsu dot edu

Awards and grants:

NSF CAREER awards, 2022--2027

NSF-DMS 2053285 (previously 1800689), 2018--2022

Research Interest

Mathematical Physics, Harmonic Analysis, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

Undergraduate Research Project: 

Laplacian on periodic discrete graphs. 

Past project members: Lilian Powell (group leader) and Heejoon Shin (Baton Rouge Magnet high school, now at U Penn).

Academic Position:

Visiting Assistant Professor, Aug 2018-Aug 2020

Member, September 2017- July 2018


       Ph.D. Mathematics, September 2012- June 2017

       B.S. Mathematics, 2008-2012