Hi, I'm Denée Kiara Rudder and this is my portfolio

I am a 23 year old with a ton of different interests and creative pursuits. Here's my story.

My Studies 

2018 - 2022: Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson University): Undergrad in Journalism with a minor in Public Relations

2022 - 2023 : Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson University): Masters of Professional Communications 

I started off my studies thinking I would be a journalist because of my keen eye and passion for writing about social justice issues, the environment, and investigative journalism.


Two years into my studies, I discovered my passion for content creation and social media marketing after an eye-opening volunteer experience as a social media manager and content creator for a climate change organization. It started as a pastime but ended as a great experience and set me up for today.

Relevant Work Experience

May 2021  - Present

FKB Media Solutions

Media Consulting Agency

Junior Public Relations Assistant 

May 2022  - October 2022

Dream Legacy Foundation

Non-Profit Organization

Marketing Representative

May 2021 - Sept 2022


Plant-Based Hair Start-Up

Virtual Assistant

Awards and Achievements 

Rudder Creative Management 

After acquiring several transferable skills and gaining experience working with others in the industry, i.e. as a marketing intern, public relations intern, and copywriter, I decided to offer services where I can put all my creative skills into action.

That brings us to Rudder Creative MGMT, where I freelance my services of innovative social media management and strategies, content creation, and copywriting services. 

Content Creation

The main goal of my content creation service is to create creative, relevant, and valuable content.


My main goal with copywriting is to create engaging copy for your brand through storytelling.

Social Media Strategies

The main goal of this service is to design a personalized and strategic plan for your social media goals.


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