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Task Force on Strategy Games

Welcome to the official wiki of the IEEE Task Force on Strategy Games.

The primary focus of this task force is on the use of Computational Intelligence (CI), but also other related techniques e.g. from Machine Learning for designing bots and game AI components for strategy games. There are numerous ways to employ modern computer science methods in strategy games, as they are considered as one of the most challenging genres, where good human players still can easily beat nearly every AI that is not cheating. This obvious complexity makes these games a natural research target in times where Chess and Checkers can be handled well by software players.

  • Real-Time Strategy Games (e.g., StarCraft)

  • Turn-based Strategy Games

  • Multiple online battle arena (MOBA)

If you have an opinion on this question or hints to interesting new pathways of research, let us know...

If you want to join or get in contact, please write to the Chair or one of the Members.